Linking an Image (Image Button)

By adding a link to your image, you are transforming the image into a button that upon click will redirect the visitor to the specified destination. 

Possible destinations include:

  • Web address – links the image to a specified URL
  • Page – links the image to a specified page on your website
  • Document – links the image to an uploaded document (for example, a Download link)
  • Email – links the image to an email address (this will prompt the visitor’s device to open their default mail program to compose and email to you)
  • Anchor


Linking an image:

1. Click on the image to open the Image panel. 

2. Select Link To.


3. On the Link To panel, use the drop-down menu to select the desired link address.

  • Web address - enter the destination web address/URL in the http:// field.
  • Page - select the destination page from the drop-down menu. 
  • Document - click on Click to insert document to upload/choose the destination document. 
  • Email - enter the destination email address
  • Anchor - use the drop-down menus to attach the desired anchor link


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically. 

Published: September 1 2015