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Image Captions

Image captions provide additional details about your image. By default, the caption feature is disabled. 


To add a caption on an image:

1. Click on the image to open the Image panel. 

2. Select Caption.


3. On the Caption panel, check the Enable caption option.


4. On the Text Content tab, enter the title and caption description in the Title and Caption fields.

Customizing Caption Effects

You can choose how you want the caption to appear in place. Available effect styles include:

  • Basic – the caption is fixed
  • Fade – the caption fades into position
  • Slide – the caption slides into position
  • Advanced Effects – effects include bounce, zoom, flip and revolve


1. On Caption panel, click on the Styles tab.


2. Use the drop-down menu to  select the desired caption effect.


3. Select the desired caption position.


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically. 

Caption Background

You can change the background color of your caption area.

1. Click Options on the Caption Styles tab.


2. Use the color picker to select the new desired caption background color.

Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically. 

Caption Font Settings

You can change the font settings of your caption. Your caption title and description text can have different font styles.

Available font settings include:

  • Font family
  • Size
  • Color
  • Styles (bold, italics or underline)


1. On Caption panel, click on the Fonts tab.


2. Select the type of font you want to customize: TItle or Caption (description)


3. Use the Font drop-down menu to select the desired font family. 

4. Set the desired font size.

5. Use the color picker to set the desired font color.

6. Select the desired font style.

7.  To change the caption description text, click on Caption on the Fonts heading and select the desired font family, size colour and style.


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically.