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Adding an External link page

An external link page is a link on your site menu that points to another website. This functionality is useful for setting up navigational links to off-site resources, such as an email link or your other website(s).

To add an external link page:

1. From the top menu bar on your dashboard, click on the Pages drop-down menu.


2. From the Pages menu, click on Add Page.


3. Select External Link from the Special Pages menu.


4. Enter the page name in the Name field.

5. Enter the URL of the external link (ie. where you want your page to redirect)

6. If this page is a subpage, select the parent page from the Under page dropdown menu. If not, simply leave it on the default Top Level option.

7. If you want the external link to open in a new browser window, check the Open in new window box.

8. When ready, click Done.