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Password-Protecting a Page

You can password-protect your pages and make them members-only. Your visitors will need to enter a specific password before accessing the page. 

To password-protect your page:

1. From the top menu on your dashboard, click on the Pages drop-down menu.

2. Click the Settings icon next to the page you want to assign a password for protection.


3.  On the Page Settings window, click on the Permissions tab and check the Password Protection box.


4. Select Password Protect and enter a password in the password field.

5. When ready, click Done.

Your page is now password protected and only visitors who have been given the password can access the page.

NOTE: The password-protection feature works best with websites that uses a horizontal site menu design. If your website uses a vertical site menu layout, you may experience a misalignment of the vertical menu bar and the password-protection login panel. We recommend changing the site menu layout to the horizontal menu design.