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View Form Data

Data collected from your web forms are saved in your Website.com Editor. 

Accessing form data:

1. Click on your webform to open the Web Form panel.

2. Select View Form Data.


3. If you have more than one webform created, click on the form that you wish to view the collected data.

4. The collected data will be presented in the Grid View and Entry View formats. 


Alternatively, you can access your form data by clicking on App Manager on the top menu and selecting Webforms.

Form data in Grid View:

The collected data will be presented in a table form with column sorting, hiding and other options. Click on the sorting  icon on the column heading for the available options.

You can also rearrange the columns by dragging and dropping them into the desired location.

Double-click on an entry to modify the data, and when ready, click Save.

Form data in Entry View:

The collected data will be presented individually by the Entry ID. Each time a form is submitted on your website, it is assigned an Entry ID. 

In Entry View you can look up the collected data by the Entry ID. 

To modify data, simply enter the new information on the entry field(s) and when done, click Save.