New Form Data Notifications

You can have send you an email notification every time new data is collected.

By default, the email notifications option is disabled.

To enable email notifications:

1. Click on your form to open the Web Form panel.

2. Select Form Settings.


3. Click on the Notification tab.

4. Select the desired notification option:

  • Yes, send me notification with form data – with this option, you will also receive form data in the email.
  • Yes, send me notification only – with this option, you will only receive a new submission received notification. You will need to login to your Editor to view the  submitted data.
  • No, please don't bother me - with this option, you will not be notified when new form data has been received and you will need to login to your editor to check for any new data submissions.

5. Enter your email address in the Deliver notifications to field. 

6. When ready, click Done.

Published: September 13 2015

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