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Customizing Webmail Dashboard Settings

The options on the Settings page lets you customize the way your webmail works.

*NOTE: No changes are saved until you click on the Save button. 


Account Settings:

User - you can change your password, display name, reply-to address, time zone and backup email address.

Webmail - you can customize the initial page on login, email display format (HTML or plain text), how emails are sorted, desired delete action and preview pane settings.

Compose - you can customize text encoding, font, spell check dictionary, auto-save frequency and more.

Forwarding - if you want to send copies of all incoming mail to a different email address(es), enter that address here.

Plus Addressing - Plus Addressing is feature that allows you to automatically filter incoming email into folders without pre-creating the folders or filters to deal with them. 


The auto-responder is an automated message that will be sent as a reply to all incoming email messages. Many people use auto-responders as vacation messages or confirmations of receipt of the message.