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Customizing Catalog Settings

You can customize the e-commerce options for your product catalog, including layout, PayPal payments, tax rate and more.

1. Click on Product Catalog Settings on your catalog page. This will open the Product Catalog Settings panel.


2. Check the PayPal option under E-Commerce Options if you want to accept payment online. 

*NOTE:  You will need to signup for a PayPal account. For more information, please visit PayPal‚Äôs website:


If you select the None option, the checkout functionalities (for example, Add to Cart and Checkout buttons) will be hidden. 

3. Use the Currency Code drop-down menu to select the desired currency code.


4. Select the desired Show on Listing options: Product Highlight and/or Product Description.

5. Select the desired number of items to be shown on your catalog page. If you have more items than the default number, additional products will be shown on Next pages.

6. If you want to display a search box on your catalog page, select the Show search box option. Search can be based on product name, keywords, and more.

7. Use the color picker to select the desired catalog background color.

8. Select the desired catalog layout under Layouts.


9. When ready, click Done.