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Adding Products

To add products to your catalog page:

1. Click +New Product Entry on your catalog page.


2. On the Product Entry window, enter the product name in the Title text field.

3. Enter the product price in the Price text field.

4. If applicable, enter the shipping fee in the Shipping text field.

5. If applicable, enter a part number in the Mfg. Part # text field.

6. If applicable, enter a SKU code in the SKU text field. You can also use this field as the product number or any product identification code you want to use.

7. Under Status, select the status of the product: Active, On Sale, Sold Out, Coming Soon or Backordered.


8. Enter the product highlight in the Product Highlight text field.

9. Enter a description of the product in the Description textbox.

10. Click on Click to Edit to add product images. You can add multiple images for your product.

11. If you offer options for your product, select the option set from the Product Options drop-down menu. (learn more about product options)

12. When ready, click Done.



The product catalog app supports multiple languages. You can enter the title, product description and highlights in your desired language.