Adding Text

You can add text to anywhere on your web page simply by dragging and dropping it into the desired location.

Adding Text:

1. From the left menu of the Editor, click Add.

2. Select Text


3. Select the text type you would like to add: Heading (title) or Text (paragraph). A textbox placeholder will be added to your webpage.

4. Drag and drop the textbox to the desired location on your web page.

5. Click on the textbox to open the Text panel.

6. Click Edit Text.

6. Type your text into the textbox and format using the text editor tools.

7. When ready, click anywhere outside the textbox to close the text editor toolbar.

8. If you are adding the text to the page header or footer, by default the text is only added to that section on the current page you are working on. To show the text on the same location on all of all pages, check the Show on all pages box.


7. If you want to keep the textbox in position and size, click on Size and Position on the Text panel and select Lock Element.


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically.