Font Styles

Each template comes with a set of fonts that is professionally selected for that website. In addition to the standard web-safe fonts (eg. Arial and Times New Roman), also offers a selection of Google Web Fonts that is fully-integrated and ready-to-use in just one click. 

Choosing new font styles for your website:

1. From the left menu of the Editor, click Design.

2. Select Font Styles.


3. The different font styles of your website template will be listed. Click on a font to open the Change Font Style window.


4. Use the Font drop-down menu to select a new font type.


5. Select the desired font size.

6. Select the desired character spacing. This is the space between each character in a word.

7. Select the desired line spacing. This is the space between each line of text.

8. Use the color picker to select the desired color for the font.

9. Select the desire style: bold, italics, underline.

10. When ready, click Done.