Deleting Images

Deleting images from your File Manager:

1. From the left menu of the Editor, click File Manager.


2. Select the folder where the image you want to remove is located.

3. Click on the image you want to remove.

4. Click Move to Trash.

5. Click Move To Trash to complete the process.


Your image is now moved to the Trash folder. If the image is currently used on your website, the image will no longer be displayed. 

Note that images moved to the Trash folder are not deleted from your Editor until you have permanently deleted it from your Trash folder.

Permanently delete file from File Manager

1. If your FIle Manager is not already opened, click File Manager from the left menu on the Editor.


2. Select the Trash folder.


3. From the list of files, select the one that you want to permanently delete from your File Manager.

4. Click Delete Files.


5. Click Delete Permanently to complete the process.


Once an image has been permanently removed from your File Manager it cannot be restored and the process cannot be reverted. 

Published: September 15 2015