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Customizing Footer Background

You can customize your page footer by changing the background color or the background image.


Changing the footer background color:

1. Roll your mouse over the header edge indicator.

2. Click the Section Settings icon. 


3. Click on Change Background. This will open the Footer Style panel.


4. On the Footer Style panel, select the desired header background color using the Color Picker. 


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically. 

Changing the footer background image:

1. On the Footer Style panel, click Change under Image.


2. Select the new background image from the Images window. You can choose your background from the My Images library (which are images you have uploaded to the Editor) as well as the Website.com Stock Images and Background Images libraries. If you want to upload a new background image, click the Upload icon.


3. If you want the background image to scroll with the rest of the page, then check Scroll with page box.

4. Select the desired scale option. 

5. Select the desired repeat options. 

6. Select the desired position option.


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically.