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What tools are in the menu at the top of the Editor?

On the top menu of your Editor, you will find the following tools:

Pages – Navigate the pages on your Website.com website.


Undo – Undo your last action, same as Ctrl+Z


Site– Allows you to manage your site settings, files, apps and members.

Tools– You will find various tools to help you in your website building process, including alignment and grid tools.


Help – If you need help during your website creation process, you can use the quicklinks in the Help menu to access our collection of articles and tutorials. You can also send us an email right from your Editor.


Upgrade – You can upgrade your package subscription right from your Editor.

Undo and Redo – Allows you to undo and/or redo changes in a simple click.


Copy and Paste– Allows you to copy and/or paste an element in a simple click.


Delete - Delete an element.


Change Layer - this tools allows you to navigate between layers of elements. For example, if you have placed a text element on top of an image element, use this function to switch between the text element on top and the image element on the bottom.


Desktop Editor - Your website will be displayed in the Desktop View.


Mobile Editor - Your website will be displayed in the Mobile View. You can use the Mobile Editor to customize the mobile view of your website.


Preview – See what your website would look like live.\


Publish – Publish your website. While changes you make to your website are auto-saved, they are not auto-published. You will need to use the Publish function to make your changes and updates live.