Editing Your Mobile Website using Smart Layout

The mobile editor is placed within the default phone guidelines. Anything found within the phone guidelines will be visible on your mobile website.

This means, anything that falls outside the default phone guidelines will not be visible on your mobile website.

There are 2 ways to edit your mobile website. One way is to manually re-arrange the elements within the phone guidelines. The other, easier, way is to use the Smart Layout tool. The Smart Layout tool will automatically stack all your elements onto you the visible area.


1. Open the Mobile editor.


2. Click on the Smart Layout icon on the left menu of the editor.


3. On the Smart Layout window, check the Apply Smart Layout to the page header and footer as well option.


4. When ready, click OK.


All your page elements will be modified to fit within the phone guidelines. You can further customize your mobile website by manually dragging and dropping elements according to your needs.


Published: September 17 2015

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