Article - Understanding Player Settings for YouTube Videos

If you have embedded a YouTube video onto your webpage, customizable play control options include:

Progress Bar and Controls – select whether to hide or display the video player controls (ie. the play button or volume control)

Control Bar Theme – this setting lets you choose whether your video player will display player controls (ie. the play button or volume control) within a dark or light control bar

Progress Bar Color – this setting specifies the color that will be used in the player’s video process bar to highlight the amount of video that the viewer has already seen. 

Show Video Title – when this option is selected then the video title will be displayed whenever your viewer mouseover the video.

Fullscreen – this setting enables the fullscreen button so that viewers can watch the video in fullscreen

Autoplay – check this option to automatically play videos when the video player loads

Loop – check this option to have the video play repeatedly

Published: September 9 2015

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