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The Google Translate allows you to add text translation capabilities on your website. Translation is powered by Google Translate and supports 80 languages. 

For a complete list of the languages supported by Google Translate, please visit:

Adding a Google Translate widget:

1. From the left menu of the Editor, click Add.

2. Click Others and select Google Translate.


3. The translation widget  is added to your page. Drag and drop the widget to the desired location on your web page. Drag the sides of the widget to resize it to fit within the dimensions of the desired location

Editting the Google Translate widget:

1. Click on the widge to open the Google Translate panel.

2. Select Edit Language Settings.


3. Use the Language drop-down menu to select the language of your webpage.


Changes are auto-saved and will apply automatically.

Published: September 14 2015

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